Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

What an incredible day it is for everyone!! It started off with the article in the Honolulu Advertiser about Duane DeSoto.  Duane is a pro surfer and is married to Malia (pictured with auntie marry, Christy and Donald in a previous blog), Christy's cousin.  He won many categories in the 33rd Annual Buffalo's Big Board Surfing Classic over the weekend.  The article "Fun, friendship' rule waves" explained that Duane was planning to donate winnings (surfboards, body boards) to notable causes.  Most notable, was our Christy's fundraiser.  A new longboard will be donated by Duane, possibly autographed, and given away at the fundraiser this Saturday.  Duane gave a shout out about the fundraiser at the bottom of the article explaining the details of the iheartchristy fundraiser!  MAHALO DUANE!

Also, a huge thank you and aloha to the one and only PEARL JAM!  They are helping Christy out because they care that much!!  Missy's (Christy's long time friend)
 mom is good friends with one of the members of Pearl Jam who has connections to Molokai.  Pearl Jam became involved because they wanted to help Christy out!  There will be a surfboard and a guitar signed by the members of the band & auctioned on their website to raise money for Christy's medial bills!!  How incredible!  On top of this two members donated their own money to the iheartchristy fund.   You guys are solid gold!

If you didn't catch it tonight, Donald was on the 10:00pm news KITV 4.  The lead story was about Christy with Jody Leong!! They will repeat the newscast tomorrow morning  as well. The link to the video, I think (haven't tried it- just went on kitv.com)  is http://www.kitv.com/video/18781657/ There were some technical difficulties with the screen & pictures but it was very exciting!! Christy's story made it on before President Obama's story!!!! They told Chrsty's story and her miraculous recovery from a life threatening situation.  They also put on TV that Christy was having a fundraiser this Saturday at Pipeline!!! yay!! We hope that brings people in to see the awesome band line-up and celebrate Christy's recovery. Donald did an awesome job for his wife! 

Now for actual progress from our superstar Christy.  After I wrote the blog last night, I spoke to Donald again. We went down to the hospital to see Chrsity again because she "woke up".  I know it's confusing because we have been seeing Christy awake, even talking with her, too.  Christy does not remember any of that and Christy never asked about the accident. She was even confused at where she was-- "Gabby's house", instead of Queen's hospital.  Chrsity says she just woke up last night.  Immediately Christy was asking what happened to her and how are the kids, and wanted details about the accident.  This was more of the questions were expecting from her when she awoke.  She remembers many many things, but not the actual accident.  Christy is very appropriate and is speaking clearer and much more.  It's obvious that she was still in a "fog" during the days prior.  After Chrsity had a very long restful sleep, she woke up lucid-  it's truly amazing!

Chrsity saw the speech therapist for the second time today and had some apple sauce.  Christy did much better today!! Christy was able to recognize the food in her mouth, close her mouth, and swallow with minimal guidance.  The speech therapist was amazed at her progress!!  Chrsity ate apple sauce this time--- one of the questions that Kim has for her is "Is it sweet or salty?"  Christy replied "Junk!!"  Haa Haa!! She still has her sense of humor- i love it! If Queens has the same apple sauce as Straub, they don't add any sugar to it.  It is just puree apples.  So I understand where Christy is coming from.  The first time I ate it I felt the same way!  And it was no diet coke!!  Which, by the way Christy had a tiny itty bitty taste of.  Just a few drops on her tongue to get the taste in her mouth!!! 

Chrsity was able to dangle on the side of the bed today independently, and she sat there for two and one-half hours.  She is making tremendous strides in her recovery & it is all because of her determination, and her #1 fan, Donald.  She's still experiencing pain in her legs as they spasm.  No one seems to know what to do for her--- WE NEED TO GET TO CRAIG!  It's not the hospital's fault, we need a neuro rehabilitation center to treat Christy now.  Christy is still getting muscle relaxers, I asked the nurse tonight to check if there could be some additional doses if she needs it due to spasms.  

Christy is exhausted by the end of the day.  She will not sleep even when she is tired because she wants to be a part of the conversations and visit with loved ones.  You can see that she starts to struggle with words  as they become slurred and difficult.  We made sure we tucked Donald and Christy in, and they were set for a night of sweet dreams together! 


  1. I just wanted to say that I've been following this blog to keep updated on Christy daily. You do a wonderful job and I have Christy in my daily thoughts and prayers!



  2. Dear Donald and Family,

    My name is Tanya Flores, and I am Kishti Padilla's sister-in-law. I have been deeply touched by Christy's journey that I sent an email to everyone in my address book plus MidWeek regarding the fundraiser this weekend. To my surprise MidWeek would like to tell her story in the West Oahu MidWeek. If this is alright with you, please contact:

    Sarah Pacheco
    Asst. Regional Editor
    West Oahu Islander Regional Editor
    235-5881 ext.313
    cell: 294-3933
    fax: 247-7246

    at you earliest. Best wishes and hope to see you all this Saturday.

    Tanya Flores

  3. Hi Gabby!! jus wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! for sharing kristy's journey w/ us! read everyone, & it's been an emotional ride thru every story! jus' wanted to say that there is a lot of hope, strenght, & power in each & every story! it can only get better from here on out!

    Hey Kris, jus wanted to say that you've always been a fighter & that's showin'! everyday with every progress that you're makin'! keep up the good work & you'll be talkin, runnin', & doin' everything faster then you know it!"GOD BLESS"