Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christy had a tough physical therapy session today.  She went down to the physical/occupational therapy department to do her exercise.  She stood up for around 20 minutes!!!  She was also able to work with the speech therapist while standing.  Kim, the speech therapist showed her different color objects and asked her to identify what color they were.  Christy could identify the color correctly if she held it mid line and low.  Christy tends  to be more attentive if you stand on the right side of her than the left.  Remember that her blood clots were more on the right side, & she has favored the right side in the past as well.   She seems to use her peripheral vision to see the object when it is right in front of her.  She can not see the objects as well when they are in the peripheral vision.  

When Bev, one of her childhood friends was visiting, she tried to see what color shirt she was wearing.  She could only see her shirt once she got very close to her.  The faith  healer Ivonne was here today, and was praying for Christy's sight.  She was praying for Christy's speech & voice, and for her to relax her legs.  Christy was really tired after that.  So tired, that when Kim from speech came to evaluate her, she said she couldn't feed her anything.  Today Kim brought peaches & thickened cranberry juice.  Christy was too sleepy to eat anything by mouth. maybe tomorrow.   

Christy got her Foley catheter changed today. The Foley catheter has been in for a while.  They inserted the very first one in the ER at Queens.  Since then, Christy has had the catheter changed in the hospital.  It is a constant concern for infection.  Her urine yesterday looked pretty cloudy, which may indicate a urinary track infection.  The catheter is linked strait to her bladder, so it's common to see infection over a period of time.  Liz, her nurse, sent a sample of Christy's urine to the lab to be examined.

Christy was up most of last night and it exhausted her to the point where she was slurring her words.  Christy needs her sleep, and when Donald tried to remind her today, she replied "I'm trying"!!  So Christy is getting some power naps in.  She does best cognitively when she has had a long rest.  So we pray for sleep periods and more reconnection within the head.

Thank you everyone for your continued support...  Some co-workers of Donald came today to visit Christy.  They wanted to present their monetary gift from all of the recycled material they've collected.  They have a few people who might be interested in the therapy.  They have been finding ways to get Charisty through this initial struggle.It's so so awesome.  Christy needs all the love and positive thoughts to send to her.  Eventually, we hope that boat trips should be no problem as much as possible.   Every day is a challenge, and Don, you are the most sincere loving person who cam through with Christy  in this entire neighborhood.

Thank Got that she is at least resting from the healing touch personally!  

 Continue praying, Christy can use any carpool she can fit with, but no jobs.  
Christy is having much much0 competition. to support for.

Thank God for her progress, and we will see how it goes.  Much love, until tomorrow!!



  1. Miracles are real. Being a part of Christy's journey as a friend and a reader of the blog has been a lesson in love, commitment and a reminder to take a moment to reflect on what's really important in ones life.

    Thank you Donald for reminding us what devotion, courage, strength, hope, positive thinking, family, friendship and true love are all about.

  2. i was there yesterday and i swear that chick has a great sense of humor! she is so alert and funny!
    today she was a bit uncomfortable but i'm glad i was there to help and support.
    we are all praying for the best. we love you christy!