Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today's progress is Phenomenal!!  Kaeo slept over last night and was with her till about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Kaeo was still kinda sleeping when the Doctor came in to make rounds this morning and was saying "Woah, She's really tracking today alot!"  And boy was she!!!

Christy's nurse today was Andy.  Shortly after rounds ended, he asked Christy to squeeze his hand, AND SHE DID!  Then he asked her to let go, AND SHE DID!  The brain specialist tell us in the ICU that we can not use "squeezing hands" as a test to see if the patient follows commands.  The neurologist feel that squeezing hands is a reflex-- like babies have when you put your finger in their hands and they grab on to you.  I know in my experience, when it happens for real, you can tell the difference.  And it seemed to Andy that she heard what he was saying and reacted appropriately to his directions.  That is so so so amazing!!  Especially since Christy let go when he asked too.  Sometimes they will squeeze, and that's it. Then you aren't so sure.  If Christy is following commands, this means that Christy is truly aware and conscious. Holy Crap-- this is what we've been waiting for!!  Christy is our miracle.

Andy and Kaeo were later talking about the kids, Kelsen, Kainalu, and Dylan.... Andy was saying that he really liked all the names of all three children.  He said to Christy, "You must have picked their names", and Christy smiled at him!!

Later the Pulmonologist came in to see Christy.  (He's the lung specialist).  He told Kaeo-- "Christy has been following commands since Friday!"  Kaeo was surprised.  We never saw her follow commands. No one told us this before.  The Doctor proudly said, "ya, watch"  He looked over at Christy and she was turned facing the left with her right leg over on the bed rail pad.  Christy was just cruising, watching, looking around, listening..... The doctor told Christy " Christy, wiggle your toes" and Kaeo looked down at her feet, and they were not relaxed now, she was wiggling them.  Not just once up and down but twice!  Kaeo was so impressed...  Kaeo called me at work to update me on all of this amazing stuff that Christy is doing and I started to tear.  I told my co-workers, so excitedly that they began to tear too!!!  The nurses I work with know what a frightful situation Christy has overcome.  And to have her follow commands was just amazing for all of us.   So I had to go see her as soon as I was done with work.  Both Don and Christy's friends were there.  Christy was so tired from a long active day.  Christy was being fed her dinner (through the PEG feeding tube).   Christy wasn't able to focus a lot or show me two fingers.  She was constantly falling asleep.  So I let her rest.  At this point, I'm sure it's extremely exhausting for her to be so active and to concentrate so hard all day long.  Donald and friends eventually came into the room.  Donald said hi to Christy and she turned her head away from him and closed her eyes.   He told her, "Oh wow, you going to snob me?  But, I love you!"  and Christy grinned!!!! It was so wonderful to see her respond to Don and want to laugh at his joke. It was right on cue.  It was unreal.  Christy is just looking more and more like herself.  They way she moves her eyes, mouth, holds her head up off the pillow.  The relaxed hands, instead of fists, the fine motor movement in her toes.  Crazy.  She likes to sit with her knees bent nowadays.  Her arms are reaching up to her face and things around her. She is not very coordinated with the arms, but she is starting to look somewhat purposeful.  She may have tried to wipe her nose tonight, but I'm not sure if she did it on purpose, or if it was an accident.

Don brought the kids in today because he had asked Christy first "Babe, if you want me to bring the kids in blink your eyes."  and Christy responded with a blink!!  Donald brought Nalu and Dylan in to see mom.  Before today, Dylan was sometimes shy around mommy.  It was a little hard for her to see her mommy as a patient.  Today, Dylan was excited to see mommy more awake and alert.  Dylan told Donald "Mom looks better today, ya DAD?"  "Love you mommy." Dylan could see that her Mommy's getting better!  
Every day brings us a little closer to having Christy back.  We just can't wait!!!  Thank you, thank you for every prayer to keep the family strong, and to keep Christy strong and full of wonderful energy.  Christy has used the power of your prayers for her healing.  Donald has remained a rock with all of his loving faith, with all the support, the books, the bible, friends, stories, and your love.  All of you have help to keep him strong enough to love Christy back to health.  Know that your love and prayers are at work daily in room 957..... until tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Gabby,

    I couldn't get this crazy smile off my face while reading your blog today! How awesome this all is!!! I know I've been using that word (awesome) so much lately, but that's exactly what it is....incredibly AWESOME!!! I am dying to see her smile....hear her little lisp....and to hear her say WTF! Those will be the sweetest words'll bring both laughter and tears, I'm laughing just thinking about it!

    I'm sure having the kids around is willing Chris to try even harder (if that's possible) to get back to them. Don is doing such an awesome job....Chris couldn't ask for more.

    Again, Chris is constantly in our prayers, as are all of you. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Until the next round of amazing news....=o)

    Much love to all....
    Charla and Wyatt

  2. Awesome..except I just got to work and now my make up is messed up from my tears!!!! that's okay though...I'm just so happy. I just dropped Kelson (and my son Adrian) off at school and I wished I wouldv'e read this before I did so I could tell Kelson the great news!!!!1 Thank God!

  3. This is so amazing...Christy keep fighting and we are constantly praying for your recovery!!! Love you all,
    Chanelle and Keoni

  4. Hey Gabs....just wanted to thank YOU, for continuing to keep this updated for everyone in regards to Christy's progress.....You are an awesome sister-in-law and I know that she would be so honored.....anyway, it has been so unreal to see how far she has come.....I am so ecstatic everytime I see or hear something new.....especially for us nurses and how we understand the whole medical side of things, I am still just so in awe of the miracles that GOD continues to do for her.....Smooches to you Gabs for all that you do!!!! To my mamas, just know that I anxiously await for GOD to fully restore you to great health....I love you from the bottom of my heart.....I am truly blessed to have you in my life......xoxoxoxo Monkey Girl!!!

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