Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

Today was a day of organizing.  Getting ready for Craig.  Christy still went to her daily Physical therapy, and is looking better every day.  Craig said that they will have a ready bed for Christy this Wednesday... That means we will be leaving on a one way flight to Denver Colorado on Tuesday night.  Thank you so much to Naomi who has been helping us arrange our flights with United (she also works for United)!  Donald, Christy and I will be flying commercial (first class- for the leg room and the reclining chair for Christy's comfort).  Thank God my bosses are caring souls.  They made it much easier for me to be able to get the time off to go up with Christy and be with her for a few days!  So we had a few conversations while I was at work to get going on things.  Edna gave me the basic low down on what's happening the day of travel and on discharge.  We will be taking Christy's medications with us on the plane.  Her Foley catheter will still be in for ease and comfort.  Christy will have a smaller, more discreet bag than she does now.  It can be strapped to her leg, so it fits inside her pant leg.  The reclining seats will hopefully go far down so Christy can get in a comfortable laying position similar to her bed.  We'll try to keep her as comfortable as possible.
Christy is still having cramping/ muscle spasms.  She's on her muscle relaxer three times a day.  I also paid attention to the phosphorus level and magnesium levels in her lab result, which are all normal.  The Doctors don't want to give Christy any additional electrolytes if the tube feeding is supplementing it well now.  All of her labs are normal, so we'll still do Ben Gay and hot water bottles!

Tonight after work, I ran into many of Christy's loved ones at the hospital.  Bev, Trish and Jay, B.J. and Binky, and MOM where all there, talking story.  Chrsity was cracking us up and joking around.  It's so so wonderful to hear Christy laughing hard!! It makes me so happy.  I wish I could show all of you!  She is so aware, and remembers pretty much everyone & jobs they had... whatever.  She amazes me every day.  Christy talked to Trina on the phone, and was telling her
 to come on down to the hospital and hang out!  The security might have had something else to say.  :)  They don't allow more than the person sleeping over to stay past Nine-O-Clock.  They check your Identification and see if you have a badge on.  They are more lenient some days and strict on others.  We've been asked to leave many times.  It's good in a way, so the patents can sleep and have some normal down time. Christy relaxed and fell asleep right after talking to Trina.  It was just so nice to talk and laugh with Christy.  You just don't want to leave her when she's up!!  She needs her healing beauty sleep, though!:)

Everyone was talking about the fundraiser tomorrow, and Christy told mom that she was mad she didn't get to go too.  She said "If the party's for me, How come I can't go?" We'll have to take lots of pictures and video and show her later so she can enjoy it too!  It is going to be fabulous and there is so much hard work going on right now and has been for the last month.  There will be prizes, food, music, and socializing tomorrow!! Don't forget to buy your raffle tickets!!! I know I am!  There will be so many cool prizes up for grabs!!! Can't wait!  See you all tomorrow!! xoxo, gabby

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