Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christy is still agitated today.  She is still kicking and swinging her arms around.  She only had about 4 or 5 hours of sleep last night and hasn't settled down since.  When I talked to her today, she looked towards me with her eyes, but you could tell she was tired from so much activity.  She got her pain medication, but wasn't able to calm down and relax.  Dr. Maher wasn't around to visit today, either.  

They changed the casts on her legs today.  They look the same, but are new. These are the casts to keep her feet in the right position.  

Donald is continually learning new things about her care and helping out the nurses.  He knows her turn schedule and turns Christy so she doesn't develop bed sores.  Keeping off one side then the other allows circulation to her skin and prevents breakdown. If you were to stay too long on one side of your body, the parts of skin between your bones and the mattress can become a pressure point, and block blood vessels from delivering oxygen and nutrients to the area of the skin being squished.  The skin gets red at first, then starts to break down and rot.   It's also becomes a source of infection.
Donald keeps track of Christy's bodily schedule and was able to deliver a suppository to Christy to aid her in making a bowel movement.  This is very important.  Christy's regularity can be slowed by the pain medication she's getting, and cause problems for her.  Donald also helps flush her feeding tube!  I told you they'll be asking him to pick up hours soon!!  

At the home front, Kainalu (Christy & Donald's youngest boy) is sick with strep throat.  Both Dylan (Daughter) & Kelson (oldest son) are sick too! We're hoping they feel better soon.  

The immediate family is meeting with the doctor(s) tomorrow at 8:30am.  Please keep Christy and the family in your prayers.  Thank you & we love you.

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