Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Christy had another wonderful day full of talking and loving and hard work.  It's the weekend again, so the therapist are scant.  Today, Donald took the lead as head Therapist!  Christy stood up with Donald and Kaeo supporting.  No standing brace.  She stood for minute or so on her feet!! Christy seemed extra motivated & determined today, with her tough fighting personality.  Christy pushes herself and expects a lot of her self.  Just like Christy.  Donald has her doing all sorts of exercises.  Christy grabs Don's hand as if they were going to arm wrestle in the air, and Christy uses her arms to pull herself up!  She keeps track of the counting herself, too!!  Christy tells Don when she needs a rest, and then is right back into it when she's ready.  You can see the frustration on her face when something like grabbing her leg with her right hand (weaker hand) doesn't come easy.  She is determined to do whatever she wants... and she will do it all, it's just a matter of time.  Christy is my hero (Don is too)!The kids were with her today.  Christy's speech is still slow, but mu
ch clearer today.  Christy is enunciating better.  Chrsity, Don and Dylan were all sitting in the bed this afternoon.  Donald at the foot, Christy at the head, and Dylan in the middle.  Don was telling Christy that she was a "Portagee".  Dylan was saying "Pokadee" instead.  Christy was correcting Dylan, "No, Portagee".  Dylan kept saying, but mommy, your not a "Pokadee"... Tell dad you're not a "Pokadee" and Christy would say, "No, Portagee".   It was cute.  Christy told Dylan "Love you Pickles",  Pickles is a nick name --"Dill Pickles". That was the best.  Dylan got to cuddle with mom in the bed, laying on her chest:) Kelsen was helping with some of Christy's exercises and talking with mom.  Nalu was hanging out, half tuned into the television, and enjoying being together as a family!

It so wonderful to see Christy follow the conversation and participate.  She is so completely aware of what's going on around her.  Donald is keeping her focused on her speech.  When Christy chooses to nod, he asks her "what was that?"  She then responds verbally.  Christy and Donald work as a team.  They are strong and united together.  Their strength and love is what will conquer any task at hand.

Tomorrow will be another wonderful day together!  Please visualize with us, Christy at Craig hospital in Denver, Colorado.  I've put in some pictures to help see what the facility looks like! Please pray that Christy gets the opportunity she needs to go to this Neuro Rehabilitaion Center.  Thank you so very much for every prayer and every beam of love and positivity you bring to Christy and all of us.  Love you guys!

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  1. are fabulous girl!! Just like we've said all along..."Chris is a fighter...she'll never let something like this beat her!" As we all know you, its YOU who does the beating...literally! I can't wait to see you cuz...your strength runs through me everyday. We love you, and can't wait to see you again....Trish & Jay