Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Christy asked the nurse last night what the date was. The nurse told her that it was February 25th. Christy replied "that's my Dad's birthday!" Donald called us, and asked Kaeo when Dad Paul's birthday was. Today is Christy's dad's birthday! He would have been 73 today. The whole family misses him dearly! February 25th and February 26th sound an awful alot alike. Christy is sharp, I tell ya! Happy birthday to Dad Paul! You are missed.

What a wonderful gift we received today-- the approval from HMSA to go to Craig!!! Yay!! Our prayers have been answered. Thank you all for putting the effort into praying for Craig. Christy will go there. They said that they are holding a bed for Christy at Craig for Tuesday. This means we're scrambling to make arrangements to get on the plane Monday night!!! We are planning on me being the nurse escort for Christy. Flying first class, Christy will have more room and comfort. United has a one way flight to Denver!! We're working out the details.

KITV 4 was at Queens today interviewing Christy and highlighting her story on the 6pm & 10pm news today!! Jody Leong hosted the interview and broadcast. It was again the lead story. Lina (eyebrow and makeup artist) came t do Christy's eyebrows (waxing) and very natural make up today. Christy looked beautiful, of course. Christy's natural beauty is unmistakable. Christy was interviewed and did so well. Christy advised everyone to "Drive Safely". Donald and Christy had a romantic moment where they kissed. Christy said that she felt "Lucky" that she was able to see her kids again. It was very sweet, and we loved watching it with Christy tonight in her room!

Christy worked extra hard today down in the PT department. She stood for 20- 25 minutes today!! And she stood tall and strong with her shoulders back and her head up. She's been working toward this upright posture while standing. It's difficult to concentrate on so many muscles at once, and to control and contract them for so long. She did her best stand ever today! Christy also stood up with the walker. From a seated position, she initiated the stand with her leg muscles! This was a first for Christy & she did well!!

Kim, the speech therapist came today again, and gave Christy peaches to eat!!! Solid food that she had to chew! And she did so good, that they ordered her a food tray at each meal to start to eat on her own. Still all thicker stuff. There is this powdery stuff called "thicken up" that we can use to put in thin liquids to make it thick. It's sorta like thickening with cornstarch while you cook, but better. It's as if the little powder particles, expand in the liquid, and turn it thicker towards an ICEE consistency. Christy was sleeping when lunch and dinner came today, so she didn't enjoy any additional food, but there's tomorrow. They are also still giving her tube feeding.

Before we left Christy was still getting painful cramps. She was due for her muscle relaxer, and that may be why they were extra bad. Christy got pain medication and muscle relaxer, and stool softener. In anticipation for the long flight to Denver, we are trying to "trial" the ambien (sleeping pill) to see how long it keeps Christy comfortably sleeping. It's been helping her to sleep at night sometimes. We will be able to take pills with us on the trip and want to see which ones work the best for Christy. We want her to be as comfortable as possible now and throughout the entire flight! I'll keep you posted on the details!

Off to work I go again tomorrow! xo xo xo, gabby


  1. Awesome!!! Everything is working out perfectly for Chris. As we all knew it would. Only the best for the best!

    You're doing unbelievably well Chris, we're soooo proud of you! Our thoughts and prayers are constantly with you...I'm sure Alan is stoked that you'll be with him soon. How much more perfect could all of this have been!

    Keep up the awesome work! Huge hugs and kisses to you!

    Love to all...
    Charla and Wyatt

  2. Wow gabby there father was really handsome..alex Woops yeah im glad christy is doing well ha ha..Alex

  3. Wow - what a story - Every morning before I go to work, I can't wait to come in to read Christy's update and always know it will be good - Gabby -you are so wonderful in explaining everything to a "T" and it's very easy to viusalize everything going on - almost so real, that I think Christy can just get up and say-let's skip all this and just go home - she is going to be a wonderful example - not only of what prayer can do, but determination and strength in anything that may unfortunately happen to others - that no matter how hard it seems at the time, that you CAN accomplish anything you put your mind to - It brings tears to my eyes because of the love that surrounds Christy - kinda like a bolt of "likening" so to speak!! We wish you the best in the rest of your journey and we all know that this recovery can only get better! Can't wait to read about her stay at Craig's !

    Aloha from the Pilayo's in Idaho!

  4. Hi! THis is Caitlin, Cathi Gs daughter. We haven't gotten to meet yet, but I read this blog faithfully and look forward to it! I'm just wondering if there is a link to the news cast? That would be great, sure did enjoy the last one. Too bad we can't all be at the party tomorrow! Christy will be in our thoughts and prayers

    Loves from
    Caitlin, John, and Baby Jillian Frackenpohl

  5. Hi Gabby!

    Thank you so much for this. Reading this has became a daily routine and it is truly amazing and inspirational.We were so happy to hear the great news!!! I tell ya she is just awesome!!!
    Its amazing the power of prayer & love.
    So its true, "Love will keep us alive"!

    Christy, hang in there babe, you look good and we are praying for your safe trip and speedy recovery. We are looking forward to celebrating with everyone tomorrow.
    Thank god its FRIDAY! YAYYY!

    Until tomorrow- Take care and god bless

    All our love,

    Lena & Mahoe & Laboy /Lovell Ohana:P!

  6. I can't wait to read this update everyday! Christy and her family looked just beautiful on the news. I'm thrilled that she will be going to Craig and that she will be close to her brother Alan!

  7. Sister...this is wonderful, wonderful, news!!! You were born to be the nurse you are today... and with your gifts from god, you are able to continue with Christy towards her journey at Craig Hospital. You're such an advocate for your patients, which still continues on within our family. There are not enough words to express the gratitude and commitment towards Chris's recovery. We love you Gabby... Trish & Jay