Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today Christy had another incredible day!  Full of smiles and lots of rehab therapy for her body.  Today was Christy's very first time standing!  The Occupational Therapist had a contraption that helps support your shins and is a frame.  From the way that the nurse was describing it to me, it sounds like it looks similar to this thing the man is in.  Christy isn't able to stand on her own, but they are able to get her in the standing position and support her to get the exercises she needs.  The nurse told me that they put her into hoyer lift- type straps and connect it to the frame and then "pump" a lever to get christy from a sitting position into a standing position by lifting her okole.  It sounds pretty cool. I imagine that it looks something like these two pictures I found.  I wanted to show you a progression picture too, so you get the idea of her sitting on the bed and them using straps around her behind to lift her into the standing frame.   They had her in the standing position for 5 minutes. Christy was bearing all the weight of her body on her own feet.  All of her vital signs remained really good during the entire exercise.  Sometimes the blood pressure can drop or the heart rate goes up, but she tolerated that all fine.  This also means that Christy is getting the right amount of hydration as well.  During the stand, the left leg, which is her weaker leg, was needing some help to keep focused, but for the first time she did fabulous. They were supporting her upper body and keeping her strait.  Her head wanted to come down to her chest as well, so they were helping her keep her head up, too.  Christy is still learning to regain control of her body and still has some kicking movements and swaying!!! She's fighting every day to get stronger and stronger and control all her parts!! It's so amazing.  Each day brings us more and more.  After Christy stood in the frame, she dangled on the bed.  They allowed her to bear her weight on one elbow then the other (like the guy in this illustration).  Later on tonight Christy sat herself up independently, using her left arm (strait- like the guy on the right) and right arm pushing on her elbow (like the other picture, just opposite arm) She is still regaining strength in her neck, so it's hard for her to keep her head lifted up.  She is still wobbly.  We love it & I think Christy does too.  Chrsity is active in conversations and smiles when she thinks something is funny.   And with Donald constantly keeping the humor factor up, she's smiling away!  It is just so wonderful!  

Christy also wiped her nose a few times today.  Seeing those purposeful movements of hers keep coming, and different ones is great!  She was siting with Lorene and I guess her nose was itchy or something was bothering her, so she lifted her hand and wiped her nose just like this lady in the pink.  Christy also was using her left hand too, which is her weaker, less mobile side.  This means that she's starting to respond to stimulus' just like normal.  It seems like she tries to cough when we encourage her.  It's right after we tell her.  We know she can hear, but we don't know how well.  We see that she tracks but we don't know how well she sees either.  We'll just have to wait and ask her. 

Oh, I found the actual picture of the chair that Christy uses.  It starts off looking like the picture on the right, and then ends up in the chair position on the left.  Christy also sat up in the chair today too, for about 3-4 hours today!! What a strong woman, huh?  She stood, dangled, and sat in the chair.  She's getting her rehab in as much as possible here!!  Both physical therapy and occupational therapy are visiting Christy and working with her!  

One last new thing that I saw tonight that was cool, was she gave me the eyebrow lift, and mostly on the left.  She was responding "yes" to a question I was asking her.  I had to ask again to see if she would do it again, and she did!! Love it!!  

Christy also needs her rest.  Sleep any time she wants it.  Sleep is going to help her brain recover and heal itself!  She loves listening to her music too.  There has been research on music-- it shows medical benefits for patients!! It stimulates the brain, but not overly exhausting (i think the TV is more exhausting than energizing).  It is familiar, especially her favorites!  

Ok, back to work for me tomorrow.  Another big day for Christy today, we can only wait and see what big adventures tomorrow brings!! xoxo


  1. *** A*W*E*S*O*M*E!!! *** Absolutely AWESOME!!

    Big smiles here!

    Keep up the great work Chris....You're the BOMB!

    Love 'ya!!!
    Charla and Wyatt

  2. That a girl Christy....Your so strong !!
    I get so excited to read everyday and I can't wait to read about her new accomplishments.Please give everyone our love.

    Chanelle and Keoni