Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Hi everyone! Tonight's blog is being broadcast from Christy's room at Queens. Kaeo is spending the night here, so I'll blog with him till I go home. Christy is resting comfortably with her eyes closed. The nurses just cleaned her up and repositioned her in bed. We all waited outside to give Christy some privacy and to give the nurses room to work. They shared with us their story when we came back in. They said that they were pulling Christy up in bed-- a nurse on each side holds the sheet beneath Christy and they pull her up on the count of three. They underestimated their strength and pulled her up a little too high. They were giggling about it with Christy and she smiled! It's so neat to know that she can understand what's going on and react to the situation with emotion!! I know she's just dying to come out and talk to us again.... Christy is tracking voices, touch, and just about everyone. She isn't half as agitated as she once was. She's holding up her head and opening her eyes. She still moves around spontaneously, but she looks like she's over the storming stage.

Today Christy is no longer on oxygen therapy! She is doing great breathing Room Air! This is good because we don't want her to be stuck on a higher amount of oxygen for a really long time because it will be hard getting her off. Christy hasn't required a lot of oxygen during her entire recovery, but it's great that she can just breathe the air in the atmosphere and do well! This is a great sign for her lungs! The air still comes from the wall and is still humidified and delivered through the trach collar, but she doesn't require additional oxygen! Another small victory to be thankful for!

Christy was able to enjoy some girly spa time too. Yesterday she got her eyebrows waxed, as well as her lip. A real professional Aesthetician (kanani's friend) came in to give her the treatment! She looks like her glamorous self! Christy is so naturally beautiful, only she could look this good. Christy is so lucky to have friends who make sure she's taken care of in EVERY way!

Kainalu and Dylan were in visiting tonight. They're spending some quality time with their Dad this weekend. They were their peppy delightful selves. They got to go to the water park for a little bit this afternoon. While they were here visiting, they played DS, watched superman on TV, challenged everyone to guess heads or tails on the quarter and bounced around their room. Most importantly, they talked to mom, hugged and kissed her. To Christy, her kids are the most important thing there is. I'm sure he was so happy to have them near her.

There wasn't any new information about Craig Hospital today... things are still in progress. Although, Tina, one of Christy's best friends came by today with awesome news! Two Hawaiian Airlines employees, friends of Tina and Christy, donated their flight benefits to Donald and Mom Gail. Now they can travel to and from Denver with only a tiny expense without worry. How awesome is that!! Thanks Charla and Bob!! Apparently, Hawaiian airlines employees can choose someone that isn't family or a domestic partner to give their flight benefits to for a year!!!! What a gift. We were all so excited. The amount of love shown to Chris and the family is just unreal. This whole experience has really restored my faith in the human race. You usually only hear about the crime and yucky people out there. It's truly unbelievable to see everyone band together as a family to heal Christy. I am so proud to be a part of this family. Kaeo was saying tonight. We take for granted what a special, wonderful person Christy is because she's our sister. Christy is going to be blown away, just as we are, to see how much has been done. The prayer groups, the little gifts, the letters, the books, the pictures, the prayer cards, the flowers, balloons, the delicious meals, home cooked cookies, people buying tickets to the fundraiser.... and i could go on and on and on. wow. How blessed we are.

Thank you for everyone who is making every day easier to get through. We are so grateful. until tomorrow...

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  1. Chris... I'm soo happy that you were able to get your eyebrows waxed!! I was telling Aunty Gail numerous times..."Aunty, I can hook Christy up... I got my tweezers in my bag!" As pochos, our eyebrows can get outta control and I was just trying to help a cousin out! I can't wait to see you again. I'll stop by later after I watch Kyley (Kimo's daughter)...until then, sweet dreams cousin... Love you girl! Trish