Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Christy had another amazing day.  Her biggest event today was getting out into the real fresh air, and soaking up some sun.  There is a window inside her room, it overlooks the downtown area, makai side of the building.  Outside the window you can also clearly see a lanai.  Today, while Christy was sitting in the cardiac chair (again), they wheeled her out to this lanai to get some fresh air and sun.  Christy was all smiles!  How wonderful that they can allow her to get some vitamin D! (Vitamin D is made in skin exposed to sunlight-- you need vitamin D in your diet and you need an adequate amount of sun exposure)  Vitamin D will help your immune system and regulate hormones, electrolytes etc.  All the good stuff we need for our body to heal!   This is just another source of healing for Christy!! 

The people from Rehab of the Pacific (located here on Oahu) came to evaluate Christy.  They told Donald that they heard we were trying to get Christy over to Craig Hospital for rehab.  Donald corrected them saying, "We are taking Christy to Denver to be admitted to Craig Hospital".  Christy hasn't been resting good, maybe because her tummy is soar.  When the Rehab people came, she was tired.  We know that Christy will make it to Craig where very nice people will nurse her back to health.  Actually, Christy will heal herself back to health with the help of the very nice people at Craig.

Christy stood tall on her own two feet again with the therapist, and this time for 8
minutes!!! She's progressing every day in these little accomplishments! We're so proud of her determination and strength.   Thank goodness for the smart people who invent these frames, and braces, and rehab tools and equipment to help someone stand and regain their strength.  

I think I forgot to tell you guys that Christy gave me the raised eyebrow acknowledgement.  I was talking to Christy, maybe explaining something, but can't remember what exactly.  And I
 asked her a yes or no question.  She gave me the one eyebrow lift for yes!  I couldn't believe it!! Just like the Rock!!-- ok, not exactly like the rock, but still!!!! I was wondering... got excited, asked anyone if they saw that, and said "I think she's telling me yes with her eyebrows"! So I asked her again, and she did it again, but this time not as high up!  She was probably like "I already told you yes, now you're gonna make me answer again?- sheesh!"  The funny thing is that I was precepting an ICU nurse who is going to come and work per diem for us as Straub.  She is currently working in the neuro ICU at Queens.  She never took care of Christy because christy was in the surgical trauma ICU.  Anyway, she was very nice and very knowledgeable about brains.  I was telling her about this event, and she was about to say at the same time, that sometimes it's easier for people who have suffered brain injury to lift their eyebrows instead of nod their head!  And Christy did!  How excited I was!! 

Every smile, every new gesture is so so so awesome for us to see!!  

Much love, hasta manana! (spanish to english translation: until tomorrow!)

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  1. Hey gabby im praying she gets into craig cause rehab of the pacific really sucks! They treat you as if your a mental patient and dont really give the special attention that christy needs. My sister went to west hollywood for treatment and did very well. Sometimes the continent has been known for better treatment..Love to the fam..Alex